All or Nothing at All

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Ugh I am sad that my journey with these characters is at its end. Having never read this author before, I stumbled across a review for this book through someone I follow. I read and LOVED the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy by Nora Roberts and since this sounded similar, I was excited to give it a shot and was not disappointed.

I have a strong love for romance series that center around a family or a close group of friends where each book in centered around a specific couple but you still get small snippets of the others as well. I loved the dynamic of this one especially because there were three brothers (all smokin’ hot of course) that started off the series being forced back together after their father dies and had put a stipulation in his will that unless they work and live together for a year, their family building company will be sold off.

This book in particular focuses on Tristan, the middle brother who has always seemed the coldest and the most mysterious. It was hinted to in the first two books that he and Sydney, a character who grew up with the brothers and still works with them, had a bit of a passionate flame going on. It was obvious to me that Becca, her daughter, belonged to Tristan from the very beginning and I was so nervous to see how that truth was going to be exposed. Literally I stayed up late until Sydney told him because I was so anxious about it lol.

What I really liked about this book was the passion that Probst had built between Tristan and Sydney. Seriously I was SO excited when I was approved for this ARC because I was just dying to see how this couple would finally get their HEA. Some parts were hard to read–how mad Tristan got (understandably) and then the aftermath of that (his coldness..his plan for his new family….) but I thought that it all really came together at the end and I was in tears at the last page of the epilogue.   I loved all the parts with Becca and seeing her bond with Tristan was really a thing of beauty.

All in all a solid romance series that I will probably be rereading in the future! I loved all three though if I had to choose I’d say that Dalton and Raven’s book was my favorite. Quotes will be added after the book officially comes out!

Thanks again to Jennifer Probst and Gallery Books for the chance to read this eArc♥!


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