Dating You / Hating You

Huge thank you to Gallery Books, NetGalley, and Christina Lauren for giving me the opportunity to read this eARC! The following will be an open and honest review.

You guys….I have seriously come to the conclusion that I will love every single thing that these two lovely ladies put out. I first read and loved the Wild Seasons books and then quickly moved onto the Beautiful Bastard series which I also devoured. They will never cease to make you laugh, cry, and blush profusely.

I definitely enjoyed this one in particular as it had some angst in the form both MCs, Carter and Evie (dubbed Evil), fighting for the same position at their merged company. It was an interesting take on the hating to loving trope because they had met BEFORE the chaos started and really hit it off. So that spark was there the entire time, even while the fighting commenced. Their prank war was HILARIOUS. I have not laughed out loud so many times at a book in quite awhile which was a relief after the emotional roller coaster that was ACOWAR.

I’ll be adding some of my favorite quotes once the book comes out but just know that I HIGHLY recommend–whether or not you’ve read anything by them or not, this one is a keeper.


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