This was an amazing start to a series that I am already really excited about!! Full, honest review to come.  Thanks to NetGalley and Tor Teen for giving me a chance to read this eARC! ♥

Okay, on to the goods.  When I saw that Cora Carmack had written a YA Fantasy novel I was PUMPED.  I’ve read–more like devoured–her <i>Rusk University</i> novels already and was dying for more.  The fact that the “more” was a genre that I am especially obsessed with had me rushing to request an ARC from NetGalley and turing into a fangirly mess once I actually got it.

Honestly, this book was really damn good.  The only thing that bothered me was that there were a lot of abrupt changes in POV but that could just be the editing of my ARC and it could be taken care of once the book is actually in print.  Other than that, this was such a fresh <u>new</u>premise!!!! This book is set in a fantasy world where storms of any kind are magical and violent and there are only a select few people called Stormlings that are born with the power to reign them in and protect their kingdoms.  Aurora, the main character and heir to the Pavan throne, was born without powers and has had to keep it a secret her entire life.  Of course, her mother, the queen, decides that it’ll be a great idea to marry her off to another Stormling prince so that her throne remains secure and her people stay protected.  Of course things don’t always go as planned…When Rora feels betrayed by her groom-to-be she sets out with a band of storm hunters to take control of her future and learn how to tame the horrible storms herself.

First of all, we are introduced to an interesting and easily likable/hateable group of characters.  It seems at first like there could be a possible love triangle but fear not!! That isn’t a thing in this first book.  Rora, or Roar as she eventually becomes known as, was an extremely likeable female lead for me.  She falls a little too easily for her male counterparts but given her sheltered life, I guess I can see how she quickly made a connection with two of the first two people who *really* paid her attention.  Other than that though, she’s a fighter.  She’s stubborn and pig-headed and I’m really excited to see how her future pans out.  Locke, the love interest, is VERY swoon worthy.  Oh my lawd.  You guys will see.  I’m a big fan…

Overall the story is a memorable one.  The ending isn’t a huge cliffhanger but does set up for book two perfectly which I will 100% be pining for.  I highly recommend!!


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