Alex, Approximately

Alright fam, first of all you just all need to know that I sped through this whole book so fast. This could be a perfect summer read, or honestly for any time you need a cute little pick-me-up. Before I started, I read that this was a spin on the movie You’ve Got Mail and half intrigued, half wary. I’ve read books *similar* to this before where a girl and a boy somehow have met online and end up meeting in real life and something always goes awry. For some reason, this one was a little different. Not sure if it was great writing and characters or what but it just worked for me and I loved it so damn much.

Bailey or “Mink” is a classic movie buff and has met a boy online that love movies as much as she does. Their tastes might not always align but it’s the thrill of having someone who shares her interests that has her crushing on this boy, “Alex.” Interestingly enough he lives in the same west coast town as her father….the same town that she is moving to. She doesn’t tell him, wanting to try and find him by herself first so that no hopes and dreams are dashed. Instead she meeting the annoying but smokin’ hot Porter…Teenage summer life ensues.

There were so many little things that made this book enjoyable for me. The first being as small as the fact that it was a story set in the summer, on a beach since I’m stuck in cold Michigan. The second being that the writing was really damn good. I have never read anything else by Jenn Bennett so I had had no idea what to expect. There were so many lines that had me laughing out loud or feeling butterflies in my stomach. UNFORTUNATELY the device that I was reading this on wouldn’t let me highlight things and I was too damn lazy to write page numbers down for later so I’ll have to add quotes to this later…The dialog just didn’t seem out of character for actual teens (which I feel like happens a lot when adults write YA contemporaries) which I loved and the way they interacted with one another was great. They both realized that they both had problems with the different things that happened in their respective pasts but they help each other overcome those things in a healthy and normal way. AND THEY TALK. They talk to each other so even when the truth comes out about who Alex and Mink really are, there isn’t a huge explosive fight over it. All in all this is a quality contemporary that I know I will read again!

Also, HUGE thanks to Simon Pulse and NetGalley for giving me a chance to read this eARC! ♥


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