A Conjuring of Light

He’d never wanted to be king, though in the stories the magician always was. He didn’t want to rule the world. He only wanted to save it.

You guys won’t be able to tell since actually *posting* this will take mere seconds but I already can tell that this review is going to take me all day to sort out. Because this book deserves it. Schwab DESERVES [everything].

For some reason (well a lot of silly, busy reasons) it took me almost a week to truly get into this. It wasn’t because it wasn’t good—it was just because I had a lot going on. FINALLY, last night after I got about halfway through I just thought to myself, “Arielle, when’s the last time you stayed up all night to finish a good book?” And I couldn’t remember. And that was sad. So I stayed up and was breathless by the end. I said it in my other two reviews and I’ll say it again…this is my exact brand of fantasy. Through and through. There was NOTHING that I didn’t like about this book. There was balanced magic with consequences, there was enough romance for me to SHIP SO DAMN HARD, there were pirates….sigh….. so good :’)

“Fucking magic,” she muttered as he knelt beside her.

Besides all the good junk that makes a fantasy a fantasy, this book was what it was because of its characters. The character development was so. Fucking. Good. Best of all being Holland. I was going to try to fit all of what I had to say about everyone in this section but f it, Holland deserves a whole paragraph. THIS GUY. So obviously he has been one of those characters, from the very beginning, that, while easy to hate you just also couldn’t help from feeling bad for the guy. The Danes were so horrrrrible. I was so glad that we finally got more of his back story, little snippets at a time. We weren’t just given this single explanation about why he’s a really a good guy and why we should start rooting for him…Instead, from personal experience, I went through the present story and found that he had cause to help the crew while also gradually learning more about how important While London is to him and how he was used and abused for so long and couldn’t help myself from seeing how important he was. (view spoiler)

Holland isn’t the only one to receive my praise though…everyone in this damn book deserves all the stars. Alucard was his same old sassy self, Kell is broody but does show a bigger range of emotions-he even cracks a few smiles! (lol), Rhy is SO, so strong. I really enjoyed learning more about the king and queen too. Like I was actually really intrigued by the queen and what her younger days would have been like…Anywayss, everyone is just brave and strong and heroic and my heart is so damn full because of them. && I SHIP RHY AND ALUCARD SO DAMN HARD 4 LYFE. ♥

“Next time I walk away,” she whispered into his skin, “come with me.” She let her gaze drift up to his throat, his jaw, his lips. “When this is all over, when Osaron is gone and we’ve saved the world again, and everyone else gets their happily ever after, come with me.”

Finally. Lila. Fucking. Bard. I honestly think she is my number one female book character of all time. You guys she is just so badass. And so unapologetic about who she is. I think my favorite thing about this series is that the characters just are who they are and that’s that. No one really tries to change Lila. No one even thinks about trying to put her in a dress or tell her that she can’t hang out with sole Antari of Red London because she’s not important enough. Kell might try to reprimand her for her thievery (and whatever else) but would he ever truly try to change her? Helll no. The one time in this book that he tried to order her to do something I laughed out loud because….lol, Kell, sweetie…do you remember who you’re talking to? I also am so obsessed with the romance between Kell and Lila. I mean I am a DIE HARD romantic but I also see the benefit of a REALISTIC romance. These two met, they clashed again and again but grew together in spite of everything. Their romance simmered and was the definition of slow burn but it was so worth it. It made their scenes together that much more memorable. (view spoiler) I am so glad their ending was what it was. 🙂

And that being said the ending in general was in my very top. I couldn’t be happier or more blown away.

Myths do not happen all at once. They do not spring forth whole into the world. They form slowly, rolled between the hands of time until their edges smooth, until the saying of the story gives enough weight to the words—to the memories—to keep them rolling on their own.

And so the series ends. The balance is restored and all was well.

“The king is coming,” called his brother.
“The king is coming,” sang his lover.
“The king is coming,” said his friend.


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